About Paul Ireson

About Paul


My whole life I have been into cars, motorcycles, and basically anything that can go fast enough to kill me.

My first major undertaking was a totally custom motorcycle. It was half Triumph, half BSA, and completely dangerous. We referred to it as the Tribsa. (Lame I know, but it was the 70’s MAAAAN)

My first automotive related job was a mechanics apprentice. During the five years I spent being the “shop gopher” I learned all of the essential skills required to be a “mechanical mad scientist”.


The Skills

The More Unique, The Better!

We are always looking for new challenges in every aspect of our work, especially ones that motivate us to do better. The capabilities of our shop are only limited by your imagination, so tell us your vision, and we’ll make it real.

Custom Modification
Restoration Process
Fabrication Process