Our Projects

Land Rover Defender

I fell in love with the Land Rover when I was 16.  I used to bush beat for a local shooting club back in England and everyone had them.  I now import them from Europe LHD with no rot.  Everyone loves them.  I restore and customize for customers Worldwide.

Jaguar E Type

I built this beauty for a great friend at my workshop in Ft. Myers, FL.  He wanted the best.  I fitted 3 DCOE Webers for performance coupled to a 5 speed trani for longer legs.  I also fitted AC with a color combo and chrome.  This has to be the most beautiful E TYPE ever.  Enzo Ferrari was quoted saying the Jaguar E TYPE is the most beautiful car in the World.

London Double Decker Bus

This was a huge undertaking.  I restored and customized it for a friends’ law firm.  It is the combination of a law library and a posh pub. Some body parts were missing so I had to make them.  It was the biggest vehicle I had ever painted and it is the slowest thing I have ever driven.  Thinking back to when I used to ride them you were never on time. As you can see from the photos, it is a classy machine.

Cooper Mini

I built this little monster in 2006.  Various builders were fitting Honda VTEC engines in the front of classic Minis, I thought I would go one step further and make mine a mid-engine beast.  Then I added a turbo and Nitrous.  Wow, it is lively!

The Process

The process of restoring old beauties is to see what is missing.  Some things cannot be bought so you have to make them.  When I restored this Jaguar 140 Roadster it had parts missing.  Fortunately, I owned one the same year so I made duplicates from using mine as the pattern.  Getting parts is the biggest headache for any restorer.