Our Services

We are always looking for new challenges in every aspect of our work, especially ones that motivate us to do better. The capabilities of our shop are only limited by your imagination, so tell us your vision, and we’ll make it real.

Custom Modification

Here at Ireson Motorsports, we have a passion for attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and horsepower! We also understand that the needs of every car enthusiast differ, and that is why we offer full customization services including fabrication, modification, or restoration.

Anything from carbon fiber body kits (your kit or custom-made by us), engine swaps and rebuilds, or paint, suspension, and stereo, we do it all! We work closely with specialists in our area in situations where an outside opinion is beneficial, and are willing to partner with other businesses to get the job done!

Please see the affiliates section to see some of our recommended partners. Ireson Motorsports specializes in composite work, including custom body kits, subwoofer enclosures, custom dashboards, and anything else you can dream up. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Restoration Process

As well as offering mild to wild custom work, Ireson Motorsports offers full restoration services on all levels. Whether your classic car just needs new brakes and a carb cleaning, or a ground-up, frame off complete restoration, Ireson Motorsports can meet and exceed your needs.

The proprietor, Paul Ireson, has over 45 years of experience with British classics, and over 30 years of experience with paint and bodywork. There is no project too big or small, and we will gladly consult with you to discuss your vehicle’s condition, and recommend the best course of action to bring it up to perfect condition.

Our specialty is classic Jaguars, particularly XKE’s, and XK’s. 120’s 140’s and 150’s. The last E type that underwent full restoration both took prizes at the Jaguar sanctioned St. Armand Circle Concourse car show winning 99.53 out of 100 points, having lost less than half a point, due to a customer choosing a wheel from a different year of E type, and an upgraded stereo.

We also have extensive experience with Austin Healeys, MG’s Triumph’s Mini Coopers, and everything Austin. Not only does Ireson Motorsports offer paint and bodywork, but we also provide engine rebuilding services, suspension repairs and upgrades, and interior and upholstery services.

Fabrication Process

In short, if you have a classic toy that needs some repairs or modifications, call or visit our location to see how we can make it the car of your dreams!

What They Ask

What clients ask about us.

PHONE CALLS - Paul is a huge fan of phone calls for introduction and questions.

E-mail - Is for order requests, it becomes a documentation  trail for your custom build.