Paul Ireson Biography


My whole life I have been into cars, motorcycles, and basically anything that can go fast enough to kill me. My first major undertaking was a totally custom motorcycle. It was half Triumph, half BSA, and completely dangerous. We referred to it as the Tribsa. (Lame I know, but it was the 70’s MAAAAN)

My first automotive-related job was as a mechanics apprentice. During the five years I spent being the “shop gopher” I learned all of the essential skills required to be a “mechanical mad scientist”.

My first car was a Ford Anglia, and not so surprisingly, within a few weeks, I decided it needed more power and proceeded to do my first motor swap. The job was a success, but it only managed to hold my attention for a few weeks, and I found myself a new and exciting victim. MINI COOPERS!!!!! Minis were basically the UK version of the Honda Civic of the seventies. Almost everybody could afford them, and they were easy to customize. I found myself a cheap little Mini, and went to work! Upgraded suspension, brakes, and of course, a motor swap turned the helpless little car into a beast! Sadly, after a few too many drinks one night, it had an unfortunate meeting with a telephone pole. Lesson learned.

The most popular race car of the seventies in England was the RallyCross MGB GT. I dropped a V8 motor under the hood, and fitted a Jag drive train and differential, to improve top-end speed. I have raced so many different classes in my life it would be pointless to list, but it’s safe to say I have had a fair few victories. I opened my first custom shop in England, in 1976. My main clients were people wanting car tuning and race car setup.

My first taste of media exposure was with my Ford Pop 1959. It was dubbed “Brown, Blown, and Beautiful” by Street Machine magazine. I fitted a supercharged V8 motor with yet another Jag rear end. This was a very fast supercharged street-legal car.

In between racing, I had to do a little work here and there. I have restored many high-end cars, such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jag, Aston Martin, and of course Land Rover, etc. I had to pay the bills so I could play with the big toys!

England is without a doubt a land of Tuners and racers. Although I am without a doubt one of them, it was time for a change. In 1992 the Mad Scientist landed on American soil and was here to stay. I immediately found Sanibel Island, Florida, where I bought a Dune Buggy, and began cruising for young women, susceptible to English charm. Like taking candy from a baby! For about six months, my main focus in life was to keep up with the local beer drinkers and get myself a sweet tan. Eventually, I grew out of the Dune buggy and happened upon a 1972 Red convertible Corvette. I was moving up in the world. That would definitely get me some action. All I needed now was a hot blonde to go with it. No problem! Tied the knot with her in 1996.

In 1997 I opened Classic Auto Sport. Specializing in custom work and tuning. I also started importing Mini Coopers and Land Rovers from England and selling them here. I did one of the world’s first Mid-engine V-tec Coopers. That car won many shows and was featured on the Meguairs stand at SEMA. The V-Tec Mini has been featured on Speed Vision, NOPI Tuner Vision, 2 Guys Garage, commercials for Car sponsors, and of course numerous magazine features. And to think, I built that car after just brainstorming with my friends. It’s amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it. After that insanity, I designed and built a twin-engine mini pickup! That monster has 550 PBH each engine, nitrous, twin-turbo, 4 wheel drive, gull-wing door, 2 TVs that work! I built the car for Shell Oil V Power. That car has been to SEMA 6 times, featured on My Classic Car with Dennis Gage, and won every car show from coast to coast, some of them twice!

The next stop was The Speed Channel! (see video) I was recruited to put a team together for the TV show Car Warriors. Off to LA to meet and beat John Dangostino’s team of professionals. After a huge premiere and plenty of publicity it aired. We won the show and came home with the car. It was a 1972 Old Cutlass SS. Sold that and it went to Florida.

In the interim, the wife and I headed to Tennessee for a milder climate, nice people, and plenty to do. Now I am turning otherwise tame Land Rovers into the monsters they have the heart to be. As a teenager, my passion started with Land Rovers a local shooting club that would pay us to go bush beating and they picked us up in a Land Rover Series II. Somehow I never got over those things. They would go anywhere and we never got stuck. After that, I owned quite a few myself. In Tennessee, I could finally return to my Land Rover passion and I now import from the UK to the US. They are so fun and known Worldwide. Folks in Tennessee love them and they are selling like popcorn!

So as you can see I am a complete nutcase. I love anything fast and outrageous. I have created many fantastic cars and most of them are now celebrities in their own right. Land Rovers are my current passion and isn’t it nice when things finally come full circle?